View Full Version : XP for each level

02-28-15, 05:43 AM
Currently, I'm on level 35. In Order to level up you need 1400xp, which doesn't seem too bad. Then I read that you need 9,949,999xp to level up to the final level 50.

It makes me wonder how much harder it will be to level up when I'm at.. Say level 45.. Will you need 800,000xps at the point to go to level 46?


02-28-15, 07:26 AM
I'm on 46 and it's 5,700 to level up to 47.

02-28-15, 08:00 AM
Then it goes back to 3200 for lvl 48. Go figure lol

02-28-15, 08:04 AM
Levels don't seem to be a huge deal over level 30. I didn't get most of the level 35 recipes until I was level 38, and I'll probably be level 40 if not 41 by the time I unlock the fruit stand, to give a few examples. I feel like I'll be busy unlocking content for a very long time into the future, but that its my cash and toolbox that will be holding me back rather than my XP bar.

02-28-15, 08:36 AM
The complexity of the game probably means different players will have completely different experience and challenge based on what they use their limited resources on.

Some players say they've never had coins shortage and always have had a large reserve of coins as they leveled up, others constantly struggle to advance because they aren't making enough coins to match their leveling. I have invested heavily on street market early on but neglected to buy more tables until much later into the games so coins definitely limited my ability to progress regardless of levels. But if you look around you will notice many players make enough coins and parts to buy stoves and upgrade and recipes as soon as they reach that level.

So depending on how you play and your accumulated resources, levels may or may not be a big deal.

But, like many other games, when you've reached the limit of what they've created they put a temporarily unreachable requirement there, when they finally release the next batch of levels you might jump a few levels. I know that's what happened to me in castle story.