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02-27-15, 11:31 AM
1) Your Storm8 ID

2) Your device type (iPod touch Gen 3, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, etc.)
Samsung 3 Neo

3) Your device OS (iOS 4.1.2, iOS 4.3.3, etc.)
Android 4.4.2

4) Step-by-step of what happened before the bug occurred
(Just if this should be relevant too: I've got Version of Dragon Story installed)

My internet connection around here isn't the best. This means, that DS sometimes just states, that it can't connect and such (it got worse, since the update, but I guess all the new features might be causing that, so there's that).
It did that just now, when I tried to mine.
Didn't really think anything of it - especially after checking, if I still had all my 9 bombs and did in fact still have them.

So, I just clicked the button to mine again, and again it took a long time to respond (displaying the normal "Processing"-screen/sign in the meantime), before telling me -again- that it couldn't connect.
I pressed on the try again-button and this time it worked, but transported me onto the main screen (aka, the island itself and not the mine-screen I had been at, before all that happened).
I didn't think much of it, thinking the server might've just reset like it seems to love to do, in the last few weeks/days (it's not a big deal, just pretty much a random "Processing"-screen/sign and then the stuff I did last will be un-done again and I'll have to re-do it).
So, I just clicked back into the mine and tried again.

And again, it didn't work, showed me the "Processing"-screen/sign, went on to tell me, that there was no internet connection and when I tried again, I was again on the main-screen (aka, the island-screen).
At that point I closed the App, 'cause I was now sick of the (more or less) lag - re-opening the App right afterwards and hoping, that that would maybe solve the issue.
It did. And everything worked fine again.
But I suddenly only had 6 bombs anymore.
(I went on, trying out if the mining worked again, though. So now I've only got 5 anymore - but it does work again, so there's that.)

(I know, this might not sound like a lot of bombs (I mean, yeah, they were only 3, so it's not like this is the end of the world).
But it's mainly about the principle anyway.
And if it already happened once, then what's to keep it from happening again?)

Anyway, what I actually wanted to do with this, is tell you this is apparently a thing that happens.
Just, if you weren't aware of the fact, that it is.

(So, disregard/close/delete this, if you already know, I guess...
Just wanted to make sure you did.^^')

(And now please excuse me. I need to go and waste my last 5 bombs on as many scarab-talismans as I can get.;))

[S8] Elsa
02-27-15, 03:57 PM
It sounds like you're experiencing sync errors due to connectivity issues. The game requires a strong internet connection to correctly save game progress. To confirm that you're connected, please try visiting a neighbor (this will ping the server). If you're able to visit, you are connected to the game.

If this continues, please let us know.