View Full Version : Negative coins on habitats

02-26-15, 04:51 PM
I have negative coins on habitats that are counting DOWN not accumulating! I didn't notice until I tried to collect on it and it took coins off my total instead of adding it. I have been on my game many times today and this is the first time it happened, so the error started occuring within the last half hour.

I did take a couple of screenshots, but can't post them here.

I play on iphone6 on iOS 8.1.3 and my game is version 1.9.9

kooky panda
02-27-15, 10:45 AM
Try closing out your game or restarting your device to see if that helps.

02-27-15, 12:57 PM
That one time was the only time I have seen that - just not happy that I lost money collecting from habitats. All habitats are now counting up.