View Full Version : Taking away my stars

02-26-15, 07:15 AM
I need 48 stars to get past one gate. I had 36, then played previous levels and kept earning more stars. At one point I had 40, now it's saying I have 36. Im not going to keep playing if it's going to erase my progress and never let me through.

02-26-15, 10:39 AM
Hey there! We do see that for the previous gate that you have 40/48 stars. The block that you are currently on has 36/48 stars. You will need to play the levels 289-312 and earn another 12 stars in order to pass it. If you did play the levels from 289-312 earning you 40 out of 48 stars, are you playing the game offline? Please let us know so that we can take a look further. :)