View Full Version : Will they spoil?

02-25-15, 07:18 PM
In both RS and BS if u leave finished food on the stove too long they spoil and u get nasty looking black flies. Does that happen here in RS 2 also?

02-25-15, 08:11 PM
Nope, nothing spoils here! Yay

02-26-15, 08:13 PM
That's great to know. Thanks

kooky panda
02-27-15, 10:42 AM
That is one of the things I love about RS2. Also I do not have to worry about happiness with the customers...........:)

02-27-15, 02:40 PM
When I hear about tigger with 10000 tuna casseroles sitting out on the counter for weeks at a time, i am relieved that there is no spoilage or food poisoning in this game. XD

02-27-15, 10:58 PM
Yeah I feel kind of gross about it. Imagine selling a tuna dish you made during Christmas holiday (I've stopped making tuna casserole long time ago.)

Ick, ick ick ick.