View Full Version : Boosted Breed Error

02-23-15, 08:28 AM
I decided to try Boosted Breed for the first time. I put Rainbow and Mask in the nest (trying for Triple Rainbow, not the best pairing, I know haha). I got the 8 hour timer (I specifically remember because I checked the breeding calculator to see what the potential results were). I remember how much gold I had before I used the 12 gold.

I closed the game for a while, and came back in an hour or so for crops/battles/whatever. My breeding den was empty. But my 12 gold was still gone.

Particularly odd because I've never had a breeding couple disappear after the timer has already showed up. Only if the game crashes before the timer shows. And also weird that it took my gold.

Storm ID is bexrexbex, this was on Android LG phone.

[S8] Elsa
02-23-15, 11:17 AM
Sorry to hear about that! We were able to verify this and while you didn't get a Triple Rainbow Dragon, you did get the Lunar Rainbow Dragon. Please check your storage. :)