View Full Version : What is your Pantry Stock like?

02-22-15, 12:29 PM
What items are you constantly out of or searching for in your street market? Also, which items do you constantly have a surplus of? I think this answer will be totally different for everyone. Depending on what you decide to cook, what level you are and how many ingredients your markets produce, this will vary from person to person! It will be very interesting to find out what everyone is searching for and what goes unused!

For me, personally, I am always sitting on a surplus of green peppers, onions and sometimes mushrooms. The cook times for the recipes that I use these items for are longer and my market is very large now so I gain more than I can cook with! On the flip side, I can never keep my stock of cucumbers and mayo. No matter how many I find in my street market, (which is very few) I am always out and looking for more :( Carrots go either way for me, sometimes I am out, sometimes I have too many. I tend to buy them whenever I can just in case.

How about you???

02-22-15, 10:20 PM
The interesting thing is that my pantry stock excess fluctates day by day even when I haven't changed my recipes choice.

Some days I get double digits mushrooms, some days I get double digits onions, some days I get double digits peppers, the only recipe I use them for is veg pizza so ho-hum for me. I don't have the option to burn through them in some other recipe. The street market just randomly deprives me of one of those items every day.

I've invested heavily on street market early on, so in my early game play it was all about having the flexibility to use up any rare and long wait item regardless of what the street market thrown at me. So I made dishes like meatloafs and stuffed peppers and stuffed mushrooms and sfogliatelle and pepperoni pizza etc.

I've weeded out all the less than four coins per dish recipes this week so since then my pantry has gone upside down. Especially since high coinage recipes usually tie together multiple rare ingredients. (flour + mushroom + onion + pepper, apple + flour + sugar + butter, etc)

It also means I let 'rare' items like potato and lobsters and beef go (okay they have never been all that rare in my street market, I seem to get multiple of those items on every refresh) because none of them make high coinage recipe and when they do, they take long time anyway so I don't need that many.

I agree I have occasionally managed to run out of mayo and cucumber, I only run out of carrot if I didn't pick them up in the street market when I had the chance and multiple stoves become ready at the same time.