View Full Version : Switching between to accounts on same device

02-20-15, 09:36 AM
Has anyone done this? I would like to start another kingdom with my other id, but would like to still play both on same device. I know I can sign in with my other and it says what games will be overwritten, but is it lost forever? Don't want to lose my level 40 kingdom for a 7. Lol

02-20-15, 11:13 AM
See the HUB for details

kooky panda
02-20-15, 11:30 AM
Make sure you have a password for both storm IDs. When you use the login feature, it will state you are overwriting the current games on your device, but you will not lose them.

After you finish playing with the games under one storm ID, use the login feature again and you can pull up your other Storm ID and games.

02-20-15, 11:53 AM
Thanks Kooky!