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02-19-15, 02:39 AM
Please can we have another windmill. I started to struggle when I got the ice cream maker, but with the sauce machine it is impossible to keep up!

02-19-15, 10:20 AM
I second this! Also another feed mill will be great too!

02-19-15, 10:39 AM
I haven't even bothered to buy the 5th feed mill. But I defintely need shoes windmill. I'm still trying to get parts to opej a fifth slot on my second one. This so new sauce machine is depleting my sugar and I can't make both kinds fast enough. Don't even ask how many days it's been since I've made flour. Pizza oven is annoyed at how Im ignoring it!

02-24-15, 01:27 AM
Yes, please, a 3th windmill will be so welcome...

Im level 60.. Not much for me to do athere... Im on the max of expance... And also for the barn ans silo....

Please give also more expance... Everything of decorations is in the storeage... Not much fun on this so anymore...

02-24-15, 07:50 AM
Excellent suggestion. TL pls consider this for implementation.

02-24-15, 11:01 AM
Desperately need a third windmill to feed the voracious sauce machine. A third dairy and second chocolate shop would help too.

04-03-15, 09:20 AM
I hope someone out there is considering this request. Two windmills are not enough! It must be a common problem as I hardly see any of the products for sale either.

04-03-15, 03:47 PM
I could really use a third windmill and a 2nd chocolatier. Please TL, can you give us more???

04-06-15, 06:59 PM
Agree 100% a third windmill would be great! Although I'm not sure where I can fit it in. We really need it to come with a block of land.

04-07-15, 05:43 AM
I have tons of space to place it, if only I could have it!

04-08-15, 04:25 AM
More windmill please TL! Two is not enough! :(

Would be great if we can have another feed mill too. =x

02-06-16, 01:48 AM
Since the introduction of the grape vines and all related recipes I am really struggling to keep up with the demand for white sugar. A third mill would now be a very welcome addition to my farm, pretty please!!!

05-22-16, 06:43 AM
With the new goat and honey crafts requiring ingredients from windmill, can we have a 3rd windmill? The current 2s are very stretched.

07-08-16, 06:41 AM
Well I guess we won't get a 3rd windmill now that we have windmill boosts. Keep sending those trucks to earn more bronze cowbells everyone.

12-28-17, 04:13 PM
Between the demands for Flour, all the different Sugar options, Cornstarch, and Truffle Shavings, perhaps it would be a good time to make a 3rd Windmill available for purchase. With some of the recipes taking over an hour (and the recipes they are needed for taking even longer), a 3rd Windmill would be a boon to players trying to fulfill orders for trucks, planes, and trains...not to mention when an event is going on. Even with a boost, there is only so much that can be crafted at a time, and with demand being so high...well, we just need a 3rd Windmill ASAP.

01-01-18, 09:29 PM
There is such a high demand on the windmills now and a varied number of items produced by them. The demand coming from the high number of products that require sugar, flour and now flavoured sugar for the candy floss machine.
Even though the flags halve the time some of the items still take quite some time and you need to keep an eye on them in order to queue up the other items you need. And it's really not so much a "time" issue but a "volume" issue.

Perhaps we could have timed Golden Flags procured from gold cow bells which double the number of items coming from the windmills?

Perhaps make the third windmill a Gem purchase?
400 gems for a windmill? It will give players something valuable & productive to spend their gems on.
Or what about gems plus coins?
Or gems, coins and tools to build it?

I can only guess that a lot of players are now seeing that the two windmills have become a bit of a bottleneck in this game.
A third windmill or a volume boost for the existing two windmills would help out a lot and reduce frustration for players.

01-02-18, 09:59 AM
Yes please!

03-21-18, 07:22 PM
There are now ***16*** items for two machines. I can only make the new products once in a while else I won't be able to keep up with half of the items on my farm. Imho, it would have made more sense to include all the new items in the sugar spinner considering they're frequently requested items but not central to the game the way flour, sugar, corn starch and brown sugar (name?) are. Since that's not happening though, another mill would solve everything! I completely support the idea.


03-27-18, 07:21 PM
Can we please have the opportunity to get another windmill, or the option to make sugar in the sugar spinner? Everything requires sugar and I can?t keep up. So frustrated!!!

03-27-18, 07:38 PM
Can we please have the opportunity to get another windmill, or the option to make sugar in the sugar spinner? Everything requires sugar and I can?t keep up. So frustrated!!!

My windmills are overworked as well. I've passed in a request. Hopefully they will give us another windmill soon.

(Merged your thread to existing request thread.)