View Full Version : Polka dot chairs missing

02-18-15, 06:27 AM
My polka dot chairs that match the polka dot table are missing. I dont remember how many I had but there not there nor is the option to purchase them. They've completely disappeared from my inventory tab.

I'm playing on the most current version of bs the christmas 2014 version. My phone is an android LG G3 and I have not updated to the current "lollipop" platform for android.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled the game 3 times with no luck. I have "forced stopped" it twice. And rebooted my phone. Cleared cache.... Done everything suggested both here and by the manufacture of my phone.

Nothing has worked. Please fix the issue.

02-18-15, 10:11 AM
Hey there! We've taken a look at your account and it seems like you have 16 Polka Dot Chairs. Could you try scrolling through your Chair Tab again?

02-22-15, 03:00 AM
Thanks. They weren't there before. I don't know...maybe going into my acct did something? I swear they weren't there I looked several times.

Thank you for the timely response.