View Full Version : Playing with Neighbor Pets

02-12-15, 11:43 PM
Can we please get a symbol over pets that have been played with when we visit our neighbors? Fashion story gives you a thumbs up and restaurant story gives you coins. I spend way too much time trying to find pets I can play with. It's very frustrating.

Can we also get a news feed like fashion and restaurant story so we know who is doing by even when they don't leave a comment?

04-07-15, 09:50 PM
I agree, if its a small pet shop with only a couple of pets its not a problem but for the larger ones, I've given up on trying to find pets. Also, I know it says when someone comes to play with my pets but I can't tell which pets they've actually played with. I like how the restaurants and others actually show which ones they've tipped/liked. It seems weird to me that on all the other ones they have a symbol except for this one.