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02-11-15, 09:26 AM
First of all let me thank you for reviewing and changing challenges as needed. I have completed all available (as new ones pop up when old ones are completed) challenges through level 474, Rooftop Rumble Island, except four. When you have time would you take a look at these please.

Play Level 116 and get 10 drops in a row. Probably can get but I have had no luck. No rainbows or bombs available.

Play Level 116 and get 45 pops in a row. There are only 55 bubbles on this level so you would have to get to the top section in 10 shots. In theory it's possible, but again with the absence of bombs or rainbows I have not come close.

Beat Level 348 without popping poison. I have already posted about this one and was told its possible but I can't find a way. The blowers always attach a like color to the poison making it impossible to drop. I will keep trying.

Beat level 417 without popping switches. I don't think this one is possible.

Again, Thank you. Love the game and TeamLava.

02-23-15, 06:46 PM
Thank you for fixing 348 and 417. I completed them and the 10 drop goal on 116. I got 42 pops on 116 so I know it's possible. Thanks again.

02-24-15, 11:53 AM
Finally got the 45 pops in a row on 116 and as I mentioned already I got the 10 drops too. Sorry I brought these to your attention. Thanks again.