View Full Version : Redicious Mission

02-11-15, 09:17 AM
Hi,I just get a new mission,asking me buy 3 decors,which cost 54000 golds. And the reward is only 4 gems. This mission is so ridicious and unreasonable. How many dishes I need to cook to get 54000 gold? how long it takes? and how many gold can I buy by 4 gems? not even 5000! Besides,the decors required to brought are not the ones I like! It is obsviously forceing the costumers using the gold for something they may dont even need or like! And there is no way to skip this mission except using 60 gems! I highly recommend to remove or change this kind of mission! I will have the pics attched. And I spent at least 600 usd to get this far,I like the missions for example cooking dishes. But not making costumers buy expensive decors. I talked to lots of people playing this game. Im not the only one dislike it. Thank you for ur time and please response this issue.

02-11-15, 10:19 AM
Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your feedback! These types of goals are intended to provide a small reward for buying these items. There's no time limit on this set of goals, so you're free to complete them at your own pace. Hope this helps! :)