View Full Version : Please un-blue the rest of the warm epic forms

02-08-15, 10:56 AM
A while back, a few of the level 15 animals with incongruous blotches of blue/cyan thrown on them were changed to make them pretty (the firefox, vinotaur, and ancient sloth). MANY players commented on how happy we were with the changes, showering praise on the new designs, and hoping the other animals who, upon leveling to 15 look either like they had blue paint splattered on them, or the poor things were frozen, would get updated artwork as well.

It's been months, though, and still no change to the other mismatched ones. I, and many, many other players, refuse to level the ones we have to 15 so we don't have to look at the stupid-looking colors. Some of us are even selling off our hard-earned 15's of these animals so we don't have to look at them. I would very much like my park to have more 15s. But not frozen ones.

Please consider removing the blue / cyan / other incongruous cool colors blemishing these animals at level 15:
Rock Rhino
Ember Bear
Onyx Ox
Spruce Moose
Dream Bat

Thanks for listening.

02-09-15, 10:20 AM
Yes i was thinking of posting about the same thing
I absolutely hate the look of my hedgehog
And was hoping to get it again as a fail to get rid of the 15 level one i have

Those level 15 animals make thing ice age and a snowy storm that frozes the animlas

The ones u changed back like fire fox are gerougeus
I hope u would consider changing the rest too

Ps its such a shame not many players visit this section
Cuz i i know alot who wants to see this change

I dont mind onyx 15 level
The rest if the list i agree its a shame such beautiful designs ruined by coloring

02-16-15, 07:01 PM
10000% agree. I hate the look of the epic animals so much, and have since the beginning of the game, that I don't have a single one, other than the Pandaffodil (which, unlike many of the others, looks only subtly different). I would LOVE to see all the designs become more subtle.

There are a handful that look good, but most of them look pretty bad. I would agree that the blue splotches on otherwise warm colored animals are the worst, but I wouldn't stop there. I don't particularly care for the gold/light splotches either. Why can't they all be just subtly enhanced, instead of making the animal look like it was dipped in paint that dripped off in awkward ways? Those gold splotches don't look good from a distance.

06-28-15, 09:00 PM
I actually like the idea of the epic level 15 animals standing out, so maybe instead of the color difference they could be brighter with a difference in shape?

09-27-15, 02:55 PM
The colors just ruins it