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02-08-15, 08:59 AM
Hey Forum Friends! When do YOU un-neighbor neighbors that are no longer playing the game?

There are certain indicators that someone has abandoned playing the game:

Social Rating is zero (No Hearts next to name)
No food cooking
All tables covered with uncollected tips for days
Much lower level than other neighbors
No food being served by servers

In Restaurant Story 1, food would spoil if not collected in time and that was a good indicator; however I am glad RS2 does not have a timer on collecting food.

Also unlike RS1 there does not seem to be an huge advantage in having lots of neighbors, aside from the blue XP stars and coins you collect visiting them and the tips they leave you. RS1 requires a certain number of neighbors to expand size of your restaurant. That is not seem to be the case in RS2.

But I do feel somewhat guilty in removing neighbors, so my question to the forum is, what are your thoughts on un-neighboring neighbors?

Carl's Diner
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02-08-15, 09:41 AM
I wouldn't feel guilty about un-neighboring people if they've stopped playing, just like I don't blame those that may un-neighbor me when I take a break from a game. Some I find again and ask them to neighbor me again, and some I don't so I just find new neighbors. I wouldn't want my old neighbors to feel guilty for removing me.

I don't go by social rating as many people just don't have the time to go to each neighbor and some even have connection issues when attempting that. I know that I used to have that problem when I played on Android, so I've never cared much about the social ratings. I care more when it came to answering requests for parts or to pass a goal, as then I really did depend on my neighbors, but in RS 2 that isn't even necessary, so....

For this game I'd give it a month and if they haven't levelled up and their shop looks the same day after day, then I'd assume they stopped playing. I'll leave a note on their wall and if they don't respond back, I'll remove them. If they ever come back to the game they'll see the note and can always find me again and request to be neighbors then. I have no problem with people leaving, as it is understandable. We all need a break every now and then, if only to keep our sanity. ;)

02-08-15, 09:55 AM
Depending on when you started, I think a weed out level is around 17. Many players, like myself, started the game around the holiday to get the gems. Not sure when that level 17 gem offer expired, but I had lots of neighbor requests around that time.

There are TL games where I visit a bunch of neighbors daily. Others games when I have time. There are other games that my rating is zero, but I gift daily and answer requests. I was 4 star in a bunch of games for a long time. But I really find it a total waste of time.

I noticed a couple very active neighbors in RS2 today that had no food cooking or food left. No places to tip (which this is a very hard game to do so). Couple hours later, they tipped me and their restaurant is active again.

I'm going to target those lower level neighbors that haven't leveled up as a start.

02-11-15, 12:38 AM
I don't care if they are active or not. I just play for the fun of it. If people send me a request I always answer it. It is just fun!