View Full Version : Why does Sid visit WAY more than Lilly ever does? Sid, y all the nails??

02-07-15, 12:49 PM
Sid visits the first time I open the game, and then about once an hour or so. He visits three to six times a day, depending on how much I play. Why does Lilly only visit once or twice in that amount of time? Why does Sid drop LOTS and LOTS of nails and hardly any wood? I had 18 nails, and 2 wood planks.....hello TL, what's wrong with this game?! I play Dragon Story, Castle Story, Wonderland, Bubble Mania, Jewel Mania, Farm Story 2 and this one. I haven't had half as much trouble with any of the other games as this one. Seems like this 3D that TL is doing needs help. It's the 3D games having trouble.