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02-07-15, 07:46 AM
Hey guys, a while back I bought the gold dragon bundle and and was pretty excited to have a gold dragon, i hatched it and placed it in the habitat it came with. I wanted to breed it to (hopefully) get some other diamond hybrids but it didnt show up on the evolution temple's list.(even thought it was level 3 already) I didnt pay much attention to it and moved on but with the current tournament that has a lot of diamond dragons, i was hoping to to have it battle the string of diamond dragons. However it doesnt show up on that list either. I contacted teamlava support but they gave me incredibly generic advice "did you restart your app, reinstall your app?" I evolved it manually (going to the dragon itself and clicking evolve) but it doesn't show up for breeding OR battle arena still. Do you guys have any solutions for this? :(

proof he exists lol

(when he was a baby!) (https://31.media.tumblr.com/efc192488de03db829d6845b8bb6436d/tumblr_inline_njermckE2n1rqwk12.png)

(a little more grown up!) (https://31.media.tumblr.com/6897dc67bd02815e24dba67280b6ef30/tumblr_inline_njern24K3N1rqwk12.png)

kooky panda
02-07-15, 04:43 PM
I checked and I can breed with him and battle.
On your email from support was it just the automatic email that came right after you sent you email? If so, that means an agent has not gotten to your ticket yet.
It can take support 3-5 business days to answer your email. (You will know when the support agent leaves their name)

02-07-15, 10:25 PM
No, it was someone that gave the generic advice, they also said to evolve him (which i did) but he still wont show up. I've tried accessing my account on 3 different devices but the same happens in all of them. He just doesn't want to appear :(

02-09-15, 11:42 AM
Gonna update this with some new information

Ive started checking all my dragons and im missing a few others but i wanna check them all before posting a list
(Missing being they dont show up in breeding/evolve temple/battle arena but are in their habitats)

I just now started up my game to find an upper level of my island cleared out and in its place is a yellow plateau. I did not have enough maps to clear it out, nor did i purchase it. But on it is another gold dragon! When i click it though, it shifts the view to the yellow habitat that came with him (its where my gold dragon was) and although it shows his icon, when it shifts the view, he is not there.

I guess this is Teamlava's doing but it did scare me at first. I have yet to recieve an email reply from them, and only kooky has replied to this post.

(I feel like im talking to myself ._.)