View Full Version : Can't get runes to expand to treent?

02-06-15, 11:45 AM
Okay, so the new update has the Treent of Life etc.

Here's what it would take me to expand to that slot:

However, my normal expansions are only up to 42 runes / 1m treasure to expand. Once I hit those 42 runes, it prompts me to 'expand now' and the mine tells me this:

UMM???? I don't want food - I want to get the 30 extra runes I need to expand to the Treent!

Basically what's happened with this update is you can't expand to the treent unless you're already at the max-rune cap of 70 because it won't let you get runes. Why even claim that players need to be lvl 20+ when it's more like "be lvl 40+ and have played for a few months to expand a bunch to the cap"??? This needs to be fixed.

02-06-15, 11:53 AM
Wow how terrible. That seems like an oversight on their part so hopefully it will be fixed, but it wouldn't surprise me if not, either. It definitely needs to be addressed!