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02-06-15, 11:42 AM
Hi there!
I really love my icy bakery right now but I am afraid that sometime I want to change my bakery decoration. And then I will have lots of icy counters that have thousands of plates on them. It would be awesome if we could have an option not just to keel the food or throw it away but to put it on a random empty counter. That way we could get the new counters we want for our theme and just store the empty old ones as soon as we put the food on another counter.
Does anybody have the same problem?
I used he search function and didn't find any suggestions about this so I hope this isn't something that has been suggested a thousand times before... ;-)

02-06-15, 09:54 PM
Totally agree.
I really want to change it but I have two counters with more than a million plates and many more counters with more than 100,000 plates.

02-08-15, 06:43 AM
I agreee

02-08-15, 07:26 AM
I'm pretty sure every player would like this, or at least, the ones who wouldn't be excited about it wouldn't be against it.

03-07-15, 08:43 AM
I've asked to have this option for a long time. Not sure anyone's listening.

03-26-15, 06:14 PM
I wrote to TL once & got a response to my email, stating they were looking into a fridge that could store your food, then as we'd like, pull it out to a counter when we wanted to use it! Then out comes this fridge I bought, (single glass door not the new commercial one) but nothing! Tried to find same woman but no luck! You think they'd do this as we'd spend more on counters! While I'm at it, I also hate having to buy 4 tables, when Aunt tubby' elbow grease ruins a table!! I don't ever recall seeing her in my bakery!! LOL!! Where is this fridge you promised me??easy, go in design, pull fridge out of storage, or maybe u have to keep in bakery while food is stored, tap on it & a list of your stored food scrolls down to pick from! easy, right??? Tap it on a counter, all set!!