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02-04-15, 09:18 PM

While, I,m not new new to playing storm/ team lava games..(never played RS 1 but DS and a fan of other bingo games) I have a question..

Anyway, I'm currently wanting to expand to level 7 to make more space. I realize I'm just going on level 26, valentines edition, made all the new goals except the newer one to make a bunch of same dishes goal to unlock the new dish. I keep getting nails from Sid. Grrrrrr... I need to more blueprints. I'm doing well with coins, my market is at 6 or 7 spaces, 45 in pantry though probably need to go to 50, have everything I can unlocked, markets are all at 2 including seafood, except veggie is plus 3...
I worked hard at dragon story to know when to upgrade wait and study here at the forums. But, my question is if I pay a dollar just to stop getting nails nails nails from Sid, and spend I think 16 gems to pay for the 2 blue prints I'm missing... Will I keep the other several other blue prints I have in storage? I have plenty of hammers, many, shovels that's won't due me any good till I level up and am allowed to unlock another space or until I need them..
Just curious.. Just want more space.. Added pretty decor and love the valentines decor. Not sure how to post a pic but fun game!
So, will I automatically save the blue prints if I pay $1 when I just want 2? Or will I waste all the blue prints I got so far by clicking by now... I think like 16 gems for just 2? The price doesn't go down? Also do I need to make room in my tool box prior to purchase?
Sorry, this is long!
Thank you!

02-05-15, 12:47 AM
Ok, found out the hard way... When I purchased the gems I saw I only needed two gems and I could buy them all (key word ALL) not the ones I had already collected. So I got another gem from Sid and bought some styles to bring me up to purchase all thinking I'd still keep what I had already collected in my tool box, blue prints, nails, boards.. It took out everything! (Minus hammers, shovels and seeds of course..)
I feel like this is deceiving, it says purchase all but it should not take out everything you have collected in your tool box. If so, I would have waited. Don't care about a dollar but is there anyway they can restore what I had in my tool box? I only needed 2 blueprints and I thought I'd keep what I already collected.
Just a heads up for anyone thinking about doing this before they make the same terrible mistake. The game should warn you. Since I collected them and already had them, they took them away from me. I had everything minus 2 blue prints but it's more time it takes to collect boards and everything... Oops. Nobody make this mistake!

02-05-15, 01:02 AM
When you choose purchase all it charges you the total cost of what you are lacking. So if you're missing one nail it would charge you 8 gems, if you are missing two nails it would charge you 16. It just did the math for you and calculated how much gem it would cost if you were to pay for the last two items that you dont have.