View Full Version : Recipes for chateau oven and drink maker

02-02-15, 11:02 PM
I can unlock either the drink maker or the chateau oven but not both.

Coin is my major limiting factor at this point, if you have both unlocked, can you please post some of the recipes? I know you can look at them in the recipe book, but I want to see how much coins and how many servings they yield before I shell out $121,000 just to unlock a recipe. (on top of the 300k+ stove)


02-03-15, 12:27 AM
What level are you? Do you have the fruit stand unlocked?

02-03-15, 12:32 AM
If you don't have fruits unlocked Id go with the oven. It's veggie heavy, which is annoying, but the recipes earn decent enough. I'm thinking of getting a second one, since I always have peas and carrots to keep the pea soup going. The lobster bisque is also a good earner.

I still need one more expansion before I can bother with unlocking the fruit stand. And THEN I need to wait for Cid the teamster to drop parts. While I do that I'll save coins to buy the machine. I'm about one level away.

02-03-15, 12:38 AM
Thanks, I already have the chateau stove unlocked and I'm close to mastering pea soup and lobster bisque. Im just trying to decide between chateau oven (coq du vin, Cree br?l?e etc) vs drink maker.

I'm actually scared to unlock more ingredients, I have 12 slots in my street market and I'm quite comfortable with the balance of ingredients I tend to get, not sure what more fruits will do to my market new balance.

I'm lvl 48.

02-03-15, 05:33 AM
Ha! That's what I get from reading this 3am in the morning. Sorry! I had no idea we even had the oven. I stopped playing for about two months and when I returned didn't bother scrolling past the sandwich maker when getting extra appliances. I've seen some higher level neighbors making different drinks. They look very cute. I have seen someone say Apple pie isn't worth the effort. I haven't unlocked extra slots because I usually only get one ingredient I can use, then filler, like cucumber, mayo, cheese and eggs. Items I can wait on or have enough of.

I'll upgrade my seafood and veggie shops before I mess with that one. I'm down to just under 700 gems, so I'll back to waiting and just cooking. Hope someone does come and share the info, Im curious now myself.

02-03-15, 05:51 AM
Just now I'm letting go of butter, lobsters, two beef go, I only grabbed the nori, onions and rice.

I would grab the beef if I had the pantry space but as of right now I don't.

I'm in love with my street market, I should probably expand as I'm literally filled to the limit and can't add another table, I also have been deleting blue prints, but I'm addicted to the street market, lol.

Yeah I hope some one comes along to share their recipes, too bad there is so little data sharing as of right now, I feel like I'm playing in the dark, not knowing if an item/ recipe is worth unlocking because there's no charts out there yet and I wouldn't know if it's good or sad until its too late.