View Full Version : Cooking Times for Meals rapidly shortened up in Restaurant Story/Bakery story

01-28-15, 06:30 PM
Is this now only me noticing?The goals we get for every term we should complete in time: the cooking times for meals, get shorter and shorter.
Sry Teamlava but to you expect people should check in a game every hour or, like check in to that game like every 3 hours, sry but for real we all have a real life, this gives you more and more the feeling this is just another way to get people to buy gems so the can revive their spoiled food.
Sry not ok, if both things keep up like this ill quit for sure, i won?t let myself getting into forced into spend all the way, just like farmstory/castlestory has become.
Its simply not ok, for all now who wish to spent, i got all teamlava games because there were offered as free to play from the google store, not pay to play, or pay to win, and just simpley to accept to not be able to meet your goals and say goodbye to items to decorate..uhm not ok.
This wasn?t like thi before but now its getting more and more into this spending line all the way, and that is not ok.
If i did wanted a game for money i would have buyed a complete game, but not an game that is offering free to play.

03-10-15, 06:17 AM
I think the shorter times make it easier to complete the goals without having to think one needs 18 goal appliances. I like the shorter times though I have to check in the game more often. Remember the time in which food spoils is approximately double the cooking time, so even a 4hour recipe is good 8 hours later.

03-10-15, 08:20 AM
I can see that having shorter cooking times would be helpful for newer players with fewer ovens, or even for those players who don't want to (or who can't afford to) have a lot of goal appliances to complete the goal. For me, however, shorter cooking time means that it takes me much, much longer to complete the goal. There was kne I almost didn't complete because i couldn't keep checking every hour or two hours to finish the first part of the goal to unlock the second recipe! In general it's much easier for me to master food with longer cooking times so I generally prefer one day or even two day cooking times to one hour or three hour ones. Four hour times are not too bad since i can leave them on the stove for over seven hours before having to check back in.