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01-28-15, 05:30 AM
Hi, I am pretty annoyed right now :(

I went to play jewel mania the other day but there was a message that I had to get 12 stars to move to the next world. I thought it was strange that I didn't recognise the levels I was having to repeat as I had just finished the world but thought I must have been mistaken. A few days later the app must have got another update because now I didn't have to get the 12 stars but then I realised that I recognised the level as I had completed it months ago! I am on level 560 right now

Can you check to see what happened because I will be very upset if I have lost months of progress! Each level takes weeks to pass, if my levels have gone for good I am not going to waste any more of my time playing this game!


Edited to say I yhink I have found the problem! I was looking at the master thread and the levels do not correspond with my game, i attached a picture of what I have as level 560.

[S8] Elsa
01-28-15, 01:18 PM
There's an issue in 1.3.1 that causes some players to crash on certain levels. As a temporary remedy, those levels were changed for now. This is why you might be confused by the levels that you're seeing.

This will be fixed in the next version update and levels will return to normal.

03-05-15, 05:27 AM
I am also frustrated. It takes 4ever to get past level 90. I've done it a couple times; both times the system reverts back to level 90. Why doesn't it stay in level 91-92 and move forward instead of backward? You need to fix this problem PLEASE!!!

04-01-15, 02:58 PM
Hi does anyone know how many levels there is as I've finished level 600 months ago and still no new ones !