View Full Version : Date bug !?

01-25-15, 11:20 PM
having issue with the date that won't display properly, 2558 BE what is that ?:confused:

kooky panda
01-26-15, 10:10 AM
Try restarting your device.

Have you checked the settings on your device to make sure the date is set correctly?
Can post a screen shot?

01-26-15, 10:21 AM
Please let us know where exactly in the game you're seeing this. Thanks.

01-28-15, 07:44 AM

not just this game other story games also having same date problem since 2014 and before but not 2015, it may be Buddhist calendar causing chaos.

01-28-15, 03:06 PM
You can display the correct date by changing your calendar on your device to Gregorian. Go to General > Language & Region > Calendar > Change to Gregorian.