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01-22-15, 03:24 AM
Hey, everyone :D Just thought I'd ask this in hopes of someone knowing the answer since it seems no real information about this is floating around on the net.

How are progressive jackpot rates measured? What I mean is what allows users to have their progressive rates increase? My mom plays this game, too, and her jackpot can get up to 80,000 whereas mine only 'resets' at 40,000.

Are jackpot rates increased when you gain more 'gems' from rooms or when you level up overall?

Thanks and hope someone can answer this :D

PS: For reference, my mom is at level 35; I'm at level 30. My mom has 20+ gems from various rooms, whereas I only have around 10 or so.

06-27-16, 03:18 PM
(Going to bump this in case anyone is browsing through)

I am also level 30. I have 13 gems (or mastery levels as the game calls them), and my progressive maximums are the exact same as yours - somewhere around 40,000. Without gaining any gems at all (or at least not more than one) I have noticed a sharp increase within the past five levels. So, even if gems have something to do with it (I doubt it), level appears to be the largest factor.

01-16-19, 02:24 PM
My level is 32, 19 gems. Jackpots raised recently up to 60 000

01-29-19, 11:30 AM
Now I'm almost sure that jackpot rates depend on how many jackpots you 've got.

04-12-19, 01:29 PM
Based on level.
I'm level 130 or something and the progressives usually get up to 230k or so.

04-18-19, 02:07 AM
а где посмотреть информацию о том, сколько у тебя драгоценных камней?
and where to see information about how many gems you have?