View Full Version : Items unlock.

01-16-15, 05:32 AM
Why do items unlock before you can use them?

I've just started on level 24 and mayo is now unlocked but that can't be used until level 25.

Also I have goals I can't do because again they require level 25. What is the point of releasing a goal that can't be done?

01-16-15, 11:47 AM
I wondered the same and even posted in bugs thinking it was a bug but no one ever responded. Learned the hard way but now before I unlock anything I always check to see if I can even use it.

Seems to be working out fine this way, although mayo got me......I had the deli but didn't pay close enough attention to realize that the recipe also needed tuna and I didn't have the seafood shop yet.

01-16-15, 07:17 PM
This happens in FS2 all the time. I think (and posted) that it's so you get motivated to buy the needed appliances, items etc as soon as it's available.

Right now I have rice and seaweed available to unlock but no sushi shop yet. I learned my lesson with the cucumbers and mayo so won't unlock those until I get the sushi shop.