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01-15-15, 06:04 AM
Love the variations in strategies in this game! So tell me how you play and why! To make it simple, tell us about your expansion status and what's on your counter tops!

Level 36
2 Commercial Ranges
2 Commercial Ovens
2 Diner Ovens
3 Diner Stoves
44 Recipes Learned
15 Counters (max)
17 tables (max)
80 Storage Capacity
10 Market Slots
5 Garden Plots
Stores Capacity: Gen x3, Butcher x3, Veg x3, Seafood x2

I have
1) Spag + Meatballs
2) Tuna Roll
3) Tina Casserole
4) Quiche
5) Baked Salmon (trying to phase out)
6) Eggs Benedict
7) Margherita Pizza
8) Sfogliatelle
9) Baked Potato
10) Salmon Sushi
11) Lox Bagel
12) Fajitas
13) Chix Alfredo
14) Ravioli

Right now I'm mostly limited by
1) coins (have a few stoves and ingredients and recipes ready to be unlocked but don't have the $$,)
2) nails (threw out many other parts, just please give me some nails already) and
3) countertop space -- I have enough recipes to use whatever ingredients I've got and keep the stoves busy, but I don't have enough counter space to plate them. Which means I have to let food stay on the stove until some items get sold out, and in the mean time my inventory gets flooded because I can't cook another and kept collecting.
Which forces me to rethink which recipes to keep to minimize countertop occupancy, at the same time keeping all the stove more or less busy, at the same time making sure all the key ingredients get a chance to be used.

So where are you at now, what's for dinner, and what are your limiting factors?

01-16-15, 03:13 PM
How log have you been playing?
I am nowhere near that level��
I feel dsi behind in ready to quit this game

01-16-15, 03:34 PM
I try to make the most advanced and most profitable recipes. I just turned lvl 23.

I have...
2 commercial ranges
- Baked potatoes
- Broccoli casserole
- Carrot cake

2 diner ovens
- Osso Buco
- Eggs Benedict
- Chix soup
- Cheesecake
- Spag and meatball

1 diner stove
- Mostly used to handle the excess chickens - chicken alfredo
- and sometimes tomato soup

1 deli station
- Still learning cuke sandwich, but otherwise I prefer BLT.

9 countertop spaces are more than sufficient for me.

I'm mostly limited to the market restock rate. I wish guests would walk and eat faster too!!

01-17-15, 02:42 AM
Ha I haven't been playing that long, this game just addicts me like no other game. I think the chance element of the street market really gets me hooked. Different strokes for different folks?

I went from trying to get enough ingredient to put together any recipe, to focusing on recipe with best yield (i.e. highest coins earning to key-ingredients ratio,) and now I'm actually trying to focus on recipe with low total servings with the hope that my counters will be cleared by the time I come back to the game. I know it's poor strategy but I had to throw away a number of dishes to make room for new recipes.

If I get to turn back time I would have spend more parts on pantry capacity and less on street market. I don't think I'm getting that much more good stuff with more slots in the market, but I keep having to throw away expensive long wait ingredients because I don't have counter space which means I can't cook which means I can't collect.

But I am able to pop in throughout the day to see if there's any good stuff in the street market. If you only play 15 minutes a day I imagine you will face different decisions/ limits.

I personally liked cuke sandwich because sometimes I count on having bacon around for baked potato and benedict etc, and I don't really need cuke for anything else. It's also worth more. I have switched to tuna sandwich now to take advantage of the overabundance of mayo, but thinking about switching back to cuke, because again I need tuna for other recipes.

01-17-15, 11:21 AM
Wow!! 10 slots in your street market is pretty impressive!!! Nice reading your posts, gives me something to think about when trying to chose my next move/upgrade. Thanks a bunch for sharing:)

01-17-15, 02:42 PM
I now have cuke sandwich learned. Cuke sandwich all the way!! I clocked myself and I'm serving 20 guests per min so clearing out space is not a concern for me yet. I'm very close to upgrading my veggie market to 4 items each restock. Can't wait