View Full Version : What should I upgrade? Suggestions needed

01-12-15, 06:20 AM
My toolbox is overflowing with nails. I'm now at max capacity.

With that said, I just got another plank. Somehow I got lucky.

So at this point, I'm at odds at what to use the parts for, and looking for suggestions.

I have enough to expand upgrade each of my ingredient stocks plus one, or upgrade my pantry. But, I have enough for another expansion (which I really don't need) or another slot in the street market.

I need to get rid of the parts since its going to take forever to get seeds from Lilly.

I should get the seafood market today. I'm leaning toward the veggie market because I don't have enough potatoes.

Any thoughts?

01-12-15, 10:21 AM
I'd go for the pantry/toolbox.

I'm almost at level 27 and have my pantry upgraded to 55 slots.

My general store, butcher & veggie market are all upgraded to get 3 ingredients.

My last expansion just finished. Have the garden & street market open.

Building the seafood shop is next, bringing more ingredients that will need spots in the pantry and i haven't even
unlocked the mayo or rice yet.
I've had to throw away nails in earlier levels but that came back to bite me in the butt. Garlic is abundant -12 in the
pantry & 2 plots in the garden.

My thinking now is that if i have to discard ingredients then i need to upgrade the pantry.