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01-11-15, 04:35 PM
my garden is growing garlic more frequently than basil, and they're clogging up my pantry. it's harder for me to get other ingredients and make food because of the huge amount of garlic. is there a way to dispose of them and increase the amount of basil being grown, so that i'll have an even amount to make them all into spices?

kooky panda
01-11-15, 05:10 PM
You are unable to pick the herbs grown, but you can go into your pantry and hit the little trash can at the bottom and delete some of your garlic to make room.

01-11-15, 05:14 PM

02-24-15, 04:29 PM
Garlic, basil, or anything from the garden are taking much space in the pantry.. I have unlocked 3 slots already in the garden and I'm on my way to the 4th slot due to the goal quest. But is there future uses for these herbs besides the spice station? I'm currently level 24.

I've noticed that I tend to delete almost everytime my quantity reaches more than 10 for each of these herbs. Most of the time I delete basil, then garlic and I find that too wasteful.. These herbs grows every 30mins. while mixing them on the spice station esp. on the house blend takes three hours, or the other one, 1 hour.. I have a feeling that the time to mix them takes longer while we get herbs grow fast. Probably the time needs more balancing?

e.g. 45mins. for them to grow but lower the mixing time to like 2hour for house blend and 45mins. to the other one. Or Something like that. Any thoughts on these?

02-24-15, 06:12 PM
Personally, I just keep the spices in the garden until the spice mixer is ready for another load, but I'm up to six plots at the moment. The fact that the spices grow twice as fast as a spice mixer can use them means that you get two chances to get the right mixes.

There isn't a lot of reason to hang on to the excess spices, so don't feel like you're wasting food by deleting excess inventory. And yes, there will eventually be recipes that use spices as direct ingredients. The pizza margherita is the first one that uses basil, the split pea soup is the first one that uses garlic, and the Apple ginger chicken is ... well, I'll let you guess :)

02-25-15, 03:35 PM
Yeah, So far I just stop planting when I have more herbs.. I guess that's the only way for me to stop deleting them. haha. Thanks for your reply.