View Full Version : Quick Serves

01-11-15, 08:02 AM
I have no idea how to use these or if they're any use at all. Can someone explain?

01-11-15, 10:34 AM
I've been wondering the same thing but think I might have figured it out last night.

Each recipe requires a different amount of quick services (and gems to speed up). The amount is indicated by the blue button with the hand on the bottom right hand corner of the recipe after you hit cook (gems are the purple button). For example the breakfast sandwich requires 3 quick services. If you have received at least 3 quick services from your neighbors, then you can use them to instantly finish a recipe. You can see how many quick services you have by the counter at the top of your page with the white hand/glove.

01-11-15, 03:18 PM
That's brilliant thanks, I'll check it out when I next log on, only issue I foresee is the inability to restock quick enough if you're cooking straight away. Thanks.