View Full Version : Lilly???

01-10-15, 06:51 PM
I'm at level 18 and I haven't seen Lilly in my restaurant in about the last two hours. She used to come fairly often? Anyone know why and are you experiencing this?

01-10-15, 07:59 PM
I see her less than Cid....usually only see her when I log into the game. She hardly ever randomly comes while I'm playing like Cid does

01-11-15, 06:28 AM
Thank you

01-11-15, 11:36 AM
I think she is on vacation today. As much as I have played today, she has only been around once.

Edit: She seems to come in more frequently if I periodically force close the game.

01-11-15, 10:03 PM
I need her to give me seeds but no luck!