View Full Version : Answered Candy blast won't load after last update

01-10-15, 09:57 AM
Ever since I updated to the latest a few weeks ago, it won't start. Exact message is:

Connection error
Thank you for getting our latest update.
Please connect to the internet once to enable offline play.

I am connected to the internet. Playing through my iPad. Just won't let me in. Please help as I was quite advanced in level. Don't want to start back from level 1.

Thank you.

01-10-15, 10:19 AM
Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having :( Could you please try deleting and reinstalling the app? I have taken a look at your account and I can see your progress at level 220. I promise that you won't have to start back at level 1!


01-11-15, 07:03 AM
Worked like a charm. Back to level 220.

Thank you very much :)

01-12-15, 12:56 AM
Thank you for your patience! I'm glad I could help :)

12-18-16, 09:17 AM
I am once again having the above problem since two days ago. Should I delete and reinstall as done before without losing my current level?

Thank you

12-18-16, 11:52 AM
Still having trouble. Wanted to download new version to new device. Went into old device to try to create ID by downloading a different Storm8 game. Downloaded Fiends on new device and it started over. I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix it. Help!