View Full Version : Cid and Lily

01-09-15, 06:04 PM
Hi - 2 questions on the Builder and .... other one.

Are these guys visits on a time or serving # cycle or is it random?

Are there more Special patrons after these 2 or are all special items dropped by them?


01-23-15, 08:42 PM
At my current level (under 20), these are the only two who we know are responsible for dropping special items.

Cid the construction worker would drop in every 30 minutes plus (if you were to play non-stop), or he would be among the first to show up when returning to the game (sometimes within the first five minutes/returning later if it's a full house).

Lily is a bit more elusive... it could go up to an hour and more just for her to waltz in.