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02-03-11, 11:03 PM
I wanna kno how decorated my bakery wall n floor color??"??

02-04-11, 12:32 PM
you can decorate the walls and floors by pressing the design button in the lower right corner of screen, then tap the wall item tab for walls and the floor icon tab for floors. the wall icon is 5th from left and floors is 6th from left. Once inside the icon tab you can tap the arrow icon on either side to scroll left or right to see all colors available. Works same way in resturant story. ID: granprix can add as nabor if you like.

02-09-11, 11:53 PM
I had the same problem. If you go back into the market on your phone they put a new update. So if you do it you will get to design your floors and walls. It will be on your game when you push the design button.Hope this helps