View Full Version : More customers please

01-08-15, 05:11 AM
For 10 gems or 10000 coins

We increase customers by 10

We can do this up to a max of 100 customers


01-08-15, 05:44 PM
When would u want this increase to occur? Our bakeries have 28 at anyone time and if we had more then I'd have to increase my dining area and worry about the ant of food I had available.
Will u explain ur suggestion better please.

01-08-15, 05:59 PM
not that i'm the one who suggested it (like you, i'm fine with 28 at a time, as i have a small bakery and keep my food stocks very low), but i believe that his or her point is that like many others, he or she probably has a lot of food stockpiled on counters. and although it's expensive, some people have expanded to a large size, and some prefer to put lots of tables out instead of decor. so i can see why such a player would want more customers. to each her own. and at least this suggestion put the increase as an option, so that those of us who didn't want more than 28 customers wouldn't have to get them.

that said, i don't think it's particularly feasible. they might be able to reset the customer number for the game as a whole, but making it an optional increase doesn't sound likely.