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01-06-15, 07:52 AM
I know I prob won't get any response,but curiosity is making me post-so the " coming soon" features are labeled(boat,imports,event area,food truck,etc),is there any chance y'all (TL staff) could give us ANY hint as to when these features will be available?

01-06-15, 10:40 AM
We don't have anything to share quite yet, but we encourage you all to discuss what might be coming soon! :)

01-06-15, 10:58 AM
Well,I think the cruise ship(not the boat),will be like fs2 train,large orders,but any hint as to when we might get any of these features open,not even a crumb?yall must know some release possibilities,the places already are labeled,but thanks for replying,was worth a shot:)

01-06-15, 05:26 PM
Visiting stormies diner the space behind the general store there is a specialty store, there is a fruit market next to the start of the wharf, fishing boat is repaired I have seen the fish market opened in other restaurants and there is a food truck. They are the differences ive seen relating to the coming here soon. Also stormies restaurant looks fantastic, great for ideas on decorating.

02-17-16, 04:12 PM
Sorry for the bump but have the Carnival and Food Truck been dropped ?:(

02-17-16, 07:51 PM
Yes please tell us why all of these "coming soon" sites are just ignored.

02-17-16, 08:16 PM
I'd definitely love to see them in action but quit taunting us with them if you're not going to do them :mad:

03-03-16, 01:28 AM
There used to be a tea import store up in the hill behind the general store in stormy's restaurant but it isn't there anymore. Any word on this?

03-06-16, 02:29 PM
I think a drying rack for the spices we don't need at the moment, a spice shop or a spice rack. We could add there, and then access it when we do need it. Sometimes it produces what you need, and then sometimes my whole garden will be full of vanilla and ginger, when I need a sprig of basil or a bulb of garlic and have to wait a minimum of 2 and a half hours.Then pray it produces what we need. Just a thought.

03-13-16, 10:17 AM
I really wish they would add a new store like that Imports Store that used to be up on the hill. Like for levels 61-65 or whatever. And then the ingredients from that store would add new recipes to your old appliances like the diner stove and all of those ones that become pretty useless at higher levels. I think that would add something good for people to look forward to.

03-15-16, 09:58 PM
I think we have given then lot of idea. I do like the idea, I think someone mention about a train over by the water there. Putting in food orders like the curses, of if the train need to be stocked with pepper, onions, etc. Also I would like for the food truck to work as well. Unlocking new recipes for it, and serving food truck food, or some ice cream/ gelato, and maybe some goals to open a next one. Have a new store for condiments for the truck. Also that boat out there. Imports would be great! Also, allowing us to catch shimp or octopuses for more recipes. Maybe special seeds for the garden as well for new recipes. Also seeds to allow us to plant vanilla and ginger. (Sorry still on level 46). Maybe the train can also import items or items to build. Friut trees would be amazing as well. Maybe another garden, but make it to a vineyard to collect the grapes, or trees for olvien oils, etc

I really hope they will do something soon. We have giving so much ideas. It was be amazing if they can get
This squared away.