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05-24-10, 05:20 PM
Overall I really like this game. But some things should be changed. I think we all agree more items should be added and I understand that will take time. But some things should be changed with the format. Here are my ideas. First, it would be more convenient if I can collect more than one square at a time. A button that does 3x3 square or 5x5 at a time would be much more efficient, this way people wouldn?t have to tap each square over and over. I have a 13x13 farm, that?s 169 taps to collect another 169 to plow and 169 to seed again. That?s a total of 507 taps each time I plant my farm. Second, I like to delete wall messages once I read and replied to them but it doesn?t let me delete all of them. Change that. Third, I understand there is a business to all of this and you want people to spend money to buy gems. But, I think you should have a small chance of getting gems when you collect your crops, especially ones watered.

Also when adding new items you should focus on having a wider array of harvest times. An hour should be mandatory and shorter harvest times for at least one tree and animal. You should also consider other enhancements such as butterflies or bees that would increase the coins and experience of plants around them and could also be harvested for honey or something like that.
If I have more ideas I will let you know. By the way, my notifications don?t work either but I don?t really care.
and once again this is a great game just needs some tweaking.

05-24-10, 05:41 PM
I like all the ideas you came up with.
But I don't think the one with the gems.
Gems are like honor points/godfather/any other credits that will give you an unique item in a game.(For example the Storm8 games)
It shouldn't be obtained that easily.
The developers try to earn some cash.
They could reward gems by installing a game.(Thats how I got in touch with Farm Story)

But thats just my opinion.
I really like the rest you came up with!

05-26-10, 03:10 AM
I don't know exactly how the decorations work. It seems to me that most decoration just gives you xp once and nothing more. Since the topic starter is talking about bees, i thought: A beehive! Add it once, it doesn't give xp, but gives benefit to (for example) trees. Trees would make realisticly more fruit when there are bees around.

Usually when some says they want to make thing easier, like plowing more squares at once, I would call them lazy. But at the moment my RSI is comming back because of all the tapping on a small screen. It hurts...

I also agree on the havest times. We have 1 mins, 5 mins and then 3 hours. I would like to see a crop with a time between 5mins and 3 hours.

05-26-10, 05:52 AM
I am a frequent player of Storm8 games (play all).
Here are some thoughts for improvement:
Agree that it is not clear how decorations work. Would expect that they give xp per hour?

In real life, farmers use automation and mechanics to improve efficiency: milk robots, feeding robots, chicken 'hotels' (multiple level chicken houses), etc. I can emagine that these 'automations' can be bought, but they can also be gained by doing something else (like the special loot items in Storm8 games once you have reached level 2 of each challenge in a particular town).
And thinking of feed: you can water others crops, but why not feed others animals?

Keep up the good work

05-26-10, 11:46 AM
Re efficiency of playing. . .Walls need to appear in same area with community, neighbors etc to make it quicker to add new neighbors. Too many click in general to get around and takes too much time. Adding a 'back' button to return to previous screen would allow us to water and move on!

When starting out, it takes soo much time to build enough bank to buy 'decorations' that offer no further earning ability, why not improve crop payout as you decorate and improve farm? Otherwise, what's the incentive? It would make sense that the more improvements we make, the higher our income.

Also Items should be more flexible in terms of placement and orientation like the troughs and buildings. Let us rotate!

Why do trees payout soo little and take so much time? might as well put in a different crop that turns over much faster. . .hmm i'm going to sell my trees now that I think about it.