View Full Version : Game going backwards

01-03-15, 05:22 PM
My game keeps taking me back to level 87 every few days. I get a msg to connect to the internet to play, but all the levels I've completed are greyed out. I have to redo them. This has happened 5 times already. It's getting frustrating. I play on my iPhone 4. Thank you.

01-05-15, 11:24 AM
You mentioned this has happened 5 times already. Could you please let us know approximately when and how far apart in days the issue occurred?

When do you receive this message to connect to the internet? Right at the start when you open the game or while you are playing the game? If possible, please send us a screenshot of this message asking you to connect to the internet to play.

Also, please let us know which level you reached up to before the game put you back at level 87. Thanks!

Please provide us with any additional information as well so we can look into this for you.

03-11-15, 10:52 PM
Just got in today to play was in level 121 moved me back to
Level 118 again. This time I didn't get the connect to internet message but I'll screen shot if I do. It's when I open tge game to play I get it normally.

03-17-15, 03:54 PM
Ok just happened again. Worked my way back up from 118 to 121. Went to bed just got on again got connection error & back to 118. Where do I send the screen shots. Thank you.

03-18-15, 10:36 AM
Could you please write to support@teamlava.com and PM me your ticket number? You can include your info and screenshots there.