View Full Version : Fix the tool drop rate

01-02-15, 09:20 AM
The game gives you tons of nails and no planks. Please fix!!!

01-03-15, 05:32 AM
I love playing this game and just saved up 38,000 coins to upgrade the veggie stall only to realise that I used all my wood on the street market. I'd really appreciate it if Cid could drop of some wood a bit more frequently.

01-03-15, 07:48 AM
I have 14 seeds and haven't received a shovel yet.....

01-03-15, 06:43 PM
i agree ! plank drop rates need to be fixed or somethinn

01-05-15, 11:04 AM
It's a tad frustrating. Your tool requirements change based on your level and item you are trying to build. The game is getting boring as it takes so much to expand/build. I understand that the point of creating the game is to make money and I've actually purchased some gems; however, I will only spend so much and once I'm bored, I will just stop playing. Not a very good method to retain players.