View Full Version : SALE of machines etc for 2 days instead of 1

12-30-14, 11:50 AM
Ingame One day Sales should be changed to Two day Sales. The game is giving so much trouble, especially now at the holidays. The amount of freezing, cutting off and reseting (things disappearing) means, some can't take advantage of the big one day sale (if they are booted off all day, or if can't get the machines to stay). I couldn't even get to play more than a few seconds at a time yesterday (sale day), eventually had to just stop, didn't get the machine i was trying to buy. I specifically waited for that sale and now will try to wait again, hopefully there will be another soon.

01-10-15, 10:23 AM
Especially since the forge costs 120,000 coins!::Makes me want to install the hack because the machines and such are far too expensive

01-10-15, 11:14 AM
Dude, you think it's smart to write about supposed hack, for the games forums, where its office workers read what we write? Seriously!

Make coins the way the rest of us do. Learn the best selling items, make them and sell. I've seen people sell at a discount. I never do this. I always sell at max price, even my high costing items. They always sell out within a couple days. The only thing I sell at a discount are harvesting items, like fruits, veggies and whatnot. And that's only because I want to clear space in my silo and don't care.

Other than that, none of the buildings will be easy to obtain and that makes someone not get everything in a day and then come on here and whine about levels and being bored with nothing to do. It's annoying but stick at it and you will soon have enough to buy what you want.