View Full Version : Restaurant Food Disappears When Closed

12-27-14, 06:57 PM
To build up my food I close the restaurant by putting a table at the door as I do in the original restaurant story. However, despite having no customers any food left on the counters disappears and my coinage doesn't go up. Any food I was cooking disappears too. I cooked spaghetti & meatballs as part of a goal, left it cooking but yet every one of my stoves are now empty��

Any advice? Thanks.

12-29-14, 01:01 PM
Sorry about that! This sounds like maybe your progress wasn't saved when you left the game. We recommend that you try visiting a neighbor to avoid this from occurring in the future. We also do not recommend blocking your door to prevent customers from coming in. This is not an intended gameplay of the game and can have unintended results.

01-02-15, 07:16 PM
Hi. Without blocking the door to prevent customers coming in, I cannot build up enough food to keep the restaurant running. Without enough food, I can't keep customers happy. I tried visiting neighbours and not cooking anything, but within the past hour I have lost 3 counters of food. Again.

01-04-15, 05:04 PM
I too tried to block my restaurant door with no luck. My food would disappear each time. I finally decided to simply move my chairs away from the tables so customers had no where to sit and eat. It's a bit of an inconvenience, but it worked. My food was still there when I checked back in to the game.