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12-26-14, 02:59 PM
When do Android playershave the opportunity to play RS 2?

12-29-14, 09:19 AM
Just a question. Is this going to be available for Android users?

12-29-14, 10:27 AM
The only reason to play this game is for the extra gems. It's nothing like RS and gets frustrating very fast.

[S8] Elsa
12-29-14, 10:38 AM
We're not able to speculate on if or when the game will be available for multiple platforms. Sorry! When we have new updates, we usually share them on our Facebook and Twitter pages so keep an eye on those for updates! ^^

01-18-15, 08:06 AM
I'm on an android device....please tell me you don't only have it for ios and not android?

01-18-15, 09:26 AM
yes, it is only on ios for now. Bummer I know..:/
I'm on an android device....please tell me you don't only have it for ios and not android?

01-23-15, 07:45 AM
Hi All, why can't I find Restaurant Story 2 in the Android Google Play Store?

kooky panda
01-23-15, 11:04 AM
The game is only offered to IOS players(iTunes market) at this time.

01-27-15, 10:20 PM
When will restaurant story 2 be able on the play store

[S8] Walt
01-28-15, 11:25 AM
Restaurant Story 2 is currently only available for iOS devices. We can't speculate on future Android updates but any announcements about new releases will be posted here. We'll make sure to pass your interest along to the dev team. Stay tuned! :D

04-12-15, 10:04 AM
when will this game be available to download on android?

04-12-15, 12:14 PM
I would have said a month ago that the game is a success, so there is no reason to not put it on android. But they've messed it up and need to make some tweaks before they put it on anything else. They need to do whatever is needed and then hurry, because I need the free gems!

04-13-15, 11:05 AM
We're aware that many of our Android players want to be able to play Restaurant Story 2. However, we don't have any details to share on this yet. Sorry!

05-10-15, 09:02 PM
Is there any insight of this game coming to the Play Store in the near future? I'm leaving iOS soon...

06-12-15, 01:38 AM
From the game menu in the upper right corner, I can select to install Restaurant Story 2 and it will take me to Google Play. But its not available in my country, and only 10 people have downloaded it.

When will it become available in the US?

http://i1103.photobucket.com/albums/g469/nmishii/Screenshot_2015-06-12-01-30-06_zpsmh56svix.png (http://s1103.photobucket.com/user/nmishii/media/Screenshot_2015-06-12-01-30-06_zpsmh56svix.png.html)

06-12-15, 08:02 AM
I'm getting an icon on my Android to download this game, but it also tells me it isn't available for my device. Hopefully it will be soon.

06-12-15, 10:12 AM
We hope to make this available to everyone soon! It's currently only available to a limited number of countries. :)

06-12-15, 06:42 PM
Storm8 is in California according to Google..so why are all of their games available anywhere BUT America first?!? Why wouldn't games be released in their home country first? Any idea?

06-12-15, 07:00 PM
We hope to make this available to everyone soon! It's currently only available to a limited number of countries. :)

Does this mean the end of rs?

06-13-15, 04:54 PM
I thought this was on android now! Because when I switched over from ios to android it asked me to reach level such and such. I checked and it wasnt there. Problem is, I know how to access itunes on other counties but do not know how to do this on android.

Or if its even possible. Which stinks!

06-13-15, 04:56 PM
Oh and I agree. RS2 has been out for long enough for it to just be released outright. An american company giving the goodies to others first. Makes no sense to have a delay. We know it works! Give it to us! Imagine all the free gems I can start collecting from all the downloads.

06-19-15, 10:56 AM
We hope to make this available to everyone soon! It's currently only available to a limited number of countries. :)

Play store link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamlava.restaurantstorytwo

Which countries can download the game? Canada maybe?

06-22-15, 06:19 AM
Not compatible with my hudl2 tablet also on Google playstore it says not available in my country which is Britain.

07-10-15, 07:33 AM
Yay its available on android

07-10-15, 09:57 AM
Im in the Usa and not compatible with my Acer android tablet in google play store. When will I be able to download this game? I have the pop up on Fs Bs Rs and Ds.

Thank you

07-10-15, 10:07 AM
Yay its available on android

I just got it in my playstore as well. I'm in the Caribbean region.

07-10-15, 11:04 AM
Got it today I'm addicted.... Still love the 1st one but this is fun and I like better then fs2

07-10-15, 12:01 PM
So, I downloaded it. No, sorry, awful. I'm not going to hunt for ingredients and the graphics are ugly. Uninstalled.

07-10-15, 11:16 PM
playing for the gems :) it's frustrating like fs2.

07-11-15, 12:13 AM
I had been looking forward to R.S2 mainly to see what it looked like and I have to agree, it is awful and the graphics are not great either.

My first reaction was feeling seasick watching the host, waiters and chef swaying also not good for ppl who are nearsighted.
The chef is like a ninja in disguise, she leaps, brings her arm back and whoosh! slam dunks the ladle into the cooking pot lol!

I also don't like the waiting for the ingrediants to replenish, it slows the playing of the game down,
and having to wait for expansions to expand....boring.

I persevered with the game on and off through yesterday and the game failed to keep my attention.

The menu for the individual dishes is difficult to scroll, it's like the menu freezes?

The design catagories is also difficult, you can't see the last item and you can't scroll/swipe it.

For wall decor, you have to move the restaurant around for the wall decoration to go where you want it to go.

The auto zooming in and out when you move the restaurant around is very annoying.
Twice I lost my restaurant because of this and had to look for it.

Compared to the original R.S which has clean and sharp graphics and better speed for accessing recipes and decor, I rate R.S2 with a big fat zero.

Game deleted, sorry guys.

07-11-15, 01:52 AM
I noticed when uninstalling that the game took 93mb of phone memory space, with the added SD in total it takes up well over 130mb of space.

With future updates and playing the game I dread to think how much memory space will be taken up.

Not many ppl know that you have to clear out a phones cache to free up space or know that they may have to uninstall unused apps to accommodate this game hence their phones become slow or the game plays up with slow loading etc.

07-11-15, 05:25 AM
Scrolling and swiping definitely needs to be looked into.

07-11-15, 11:20 AM
Installed yesterday to get the gems for other games. I actually kind of like it but will probably have to uninstall because of its size. I love the way the decor is done...buy the design and it is yours. Tap a wall section, tile section, table, etc and choose the design. No more worrying if I have enough of a certain floor tile or wallpaper that is no longer available. Do not like the graphics though....or the long wait time for ingredients. Four hours for a potato? Going to take me all day just to get the ingredients for one beef stew.

07-11-15, 01:22 PM
This game sticks all the time, you can't even scroll through the recipes. :mad: