View Full Version : Ratio of nails to other parts

12-26-14, 09:54 AM
So has anyone found a work-around for dealing with the higher drop rate of nails compared with the other parts? I got stuck with a full toolbox with mostly nails and not enough boards or other parts to upgrade anything, so I had to gem my way out of it (not something I want to do again). There's an option to throw things away in the toolbox but it looks like you have to throw all of something away. Anyone have any ideas? TL developers? Thanks!

12-26-14, 11:00 AM
THIS is why I came here today. Trying to figure out how to get planks. Have plenty of nails but zero planks. I can't gem through any of them because I only have 9 gems. Wonder how to earn more gems too.

12-26-14, 12:42 PM
Hey folks!

@Mr orange cat: You can actually choose to discard only some of an item using the discard feature - anywhere from 1 item to all of a single item. Give it a try on something simple like eggs if you're worried :)

Wood Planks have roughly a 1 in 5 chance of dropping from Cid the Construction guy. Hope this helps!

12-26-14, 03:11 PM
Thanks for the info, Glimmergate! What are the probabilities for the other parts, like blueprints and hammers?