View Full Version : game keeps resetting - pls fix it!! [Resolved]

12-26-14, 09:11 AM
The game keeps resetting since yesterday.. I have experienced roll back on the noel elephant tournament a few times and when i harvest apples and plant a new crop, it resets and i have to harvest the old crops again.. other than that, when i feed my animals from a level to another level it suddenly resets back to its original level and i have to feed them again.. same goes to when i evolve them, it went into the evolving flower but after the game resets, its no longer evolving but is back at its habitat (still the same level as before i put it to evolve)

This is not my internet connection problem.. the game resets everytime i went in to play.. and 1 more thing, whenever the game is about to reset the screen frozes for about 2 seconds and after that everything just went back to normal.. its very frustrating for this to happen.. i know some other users experienced this as well.. hope TL will see through this matter asap.. thx

12-26-14, 09:32 AM
Yes I'm experiencing this too. It's because of ALL THE ADs that are popping up at different times. I'm tired of it. It reset my expansion today and took my last rune that I had just earned so I couldn't even do it again. I hate clicking off the ads continuously as well. This has GOT TO STOP.

[S8] Elsa
12-26-14, 12:16 PM
This has been resolved and you should no longer be experiencing this. Sorry for the inconvenience!

12-26-14, 08:19 PM
Thank you so much!!