View Full Version : Fixed Missing Stars From Island

12-24-14, 08:49 AM
I was playing Jewel Mania on my wife's iPad (her ID is Koetsuj), and came across a problem:

I passed Level 491 with two stars, then moved on to 492, and passed it with one star. When 492 was done, the island displayed 492 with one star, but 491 with NO stars. This is clearly a problem; you cannot progress from one level to another with no stars. Please fix this, and give me my 2 missing stars for 491....or at least one star, as I need one more star to go to the next island. Screen capture below.

12-26-14, 11:49 AM
This issue has been fixed on your account, sorry for the inconvenience! If you encounter this issue again, please contact support@teamlava.com so a Support Agent can take a look at your account. Thanks!