View Full Version : Question regarding duplicate animlas and possibility of crafting feature

12-22-14, 09:58 PM
I would like to know if I need to keep my duplicate animlas

As I remember in dragon story I sold my animlas then crafting feature was introduced which required animlas to be converted to materials used for crafting and then I had to work from the start

Now that was long time ago
I stopped playing dragon long time ago

So I guess my question
Do they still used this feature or crafting is only done by mining

Can anyone from TL staff confirm this info plz

I hate to sell them due to space limitation
Only to find out that I would need them later


12-23-14, 03:32 AM
Oh, please god, no :(

I LOVE that FFS doesn't have a 'crafting' option since normally to 'sell' or 'trade' them for materials you have to level them up >.<

I'm already WAY behind on evolving nearly ten animals (not counting the ones I still have in storage) and with only ONE evolution flower, and EXCEEDINGLY LONG evolve times, there's no way in hell that I'd ever, ever want that option.

If they released a second nest and a second evolution flower, then, yes, I would happily welcome the concept of level 3 'commons' being used for materials to help craft super awesome animals or prizes, but as it is... um, no. NO NO NO.

If TL were to ever introduce 'crafted' animals/prizes without a second evolution flower and nest, chances are they'd have a riot on their hands from users that are already stretched thin as they are right now with space limitations, nest congestion and horribly long evolution times. I agree that it would make some 'fails' worth getting in a sense (especially the many, many fails one gets from limited animals or hard-to-get breedings), but with how TL doesn't seem to want users to have a second nest/evolution flower (mostly based on the fact that they always seem to shrug off mention of second nests/flowers and tell users that they'll merely 'tell developers' blah blah). I could be wrong, and they could very well give us an X-mas miracle of a second nest and evolution flower, but I won't really hope for it THAT much because I'll probably end up being disappointed :(

So, yeah... as things stand I would not welcome a 'trade portal' or a 'marketplace' if you had to first level up all your fails before taking them to market. All that would do would be to make an already backlogged evolution flower so overwhelmed that users would quit en masse out of pure frustration...

12-23-14, 05:33 AM

Trust me I don't want this feature , it was my least favourite
I don't want it even with a second evolution flower
For me space is so limited to have duplicates
I want a chance to decorate
I used to have a Nicly decorated island in dragon

But before I go and delete my last few remaing supra rare
I want to know

I with TL was more involved in the forum
It would nice for them to let us know their future plans
Even if it was long term

[S8] Elsa
12-23-14, 10:38 AM
There's no crafting in Fantasy Forest. ^_^

12-23-14, 10:54 AM
Elsa;1027210']There's no crafting in Fantasy Forest. ^_^

Oh Elsa I was pleasantly surprisesd to see ur response
Thanks a lot I appreciate that so much

that's some really grt news
Now I can happily delete my dublicates

<< happy dance