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12-14-14, 08:03 AM
Since the thanksgiving update the game has been laggy for me....not just this one but ALL others too.
Since then i had 2 unintentional gem purchases caused by this lag.......
It is ridiculous....
I apparently just purchased 2million coins or something along those lines for 100 gems....and now am left with close to no gems.

There is NO WAY I will use actual money to buy gems in a game where 1: the gems are very overpriced and 2: where there are so many gem traps.....and now seemingly intentional induced lag to further this...with a: oh no, we won't refund the gems policy.

If they ever expect to see money from me then 1: refund gems policy needs huge amendments and if you can then 2: reduce the price. No way would i spend 100 bucks on a mobile game seeing that that amount covers vet costs for neglected/abused/abandoned etc. shelter animals, especially now around Christmas where it is about giving and not receiving.......or that I could buy a few games on places like steam for that amount with far more advanced game play. Actually...if I would use that money, split it, donate half and use the other half for myself I would still get more in terms of quality than I have been getting here.

your choice....change it or you wont see any money from someone who is at least a little conscientious.

kooky panda
12-14-14, 09:09 AM
I am sorry you are having issues. For loss of gems, please send an email to support@teamlava.com

For lagging issues please be sure and close out all application running in the background of your device.