View Full Version : Take a sweet seat challenge problem

12-14-14, 04:38 AM
On an Android v1.5.5.8 on level 25 and unable to purchase the table for the sweet seat challenge.

kooky panda
12-14-14, 09:34 AM
You will need to complete another goals, before you can purchase the table.
#4. Take A Sweet Seat
.Have 6 SweetCo Chairs
.Have 6 SweeTCo Tables
(tables locked until Goal #6 completed)
REWARD: 2gem 90 xp

#5. What A Whimsical World
. Buy 8 SweetCo Swirl Wallpaper
. Buy 24 SweetCo Sprinkles Floor Tiles
(TLP- any wallpaper or tile will count)
REWARD: 2,910 coin. 80 xp

* award: 1 SweetCo Station
(find in your appliance tab)

#6. A Bitter Loser
. Serve 10 Strawberry Cheesecakes(8hr)
. Serve 12 Rasberry Macarons (1hr)
REWARD: 2,750 coin. 75 xp

See goal thread here (http://forum.storm8.com/showthread.php?49249-SweetCo-Bakery-goals-4-3-13&p=586600&viewfull=1#post586600).