View Full Version : Impossible challenges, worthless coins

12-13-14, 09:17 PM
I am a huge fan of TeamLava games. I'm constantly cycling through one of the 'Mania' games and Castle Story. However, this game,Fruit Mania, seems to have been done in a fairly half-a** manner.

The challenges either don't exist for levels beyond 42 or because I have not passed the seemingly impossible challenge for level 19 they are not unlocked. Which is completely nonsensical and unfair.

I also have half a million coins that are apparently worthless. You can't buy anything with them. No boosts, either pre-purchased or mid-level purchased, cost coins. They are only available for gems, an exorbitant amount of gems, to be quite honest.

This is the poorest showing I've experienced with TL. And from what I've read on this forum, I'm not the only one. And none of the issues listed by players seem to have been addressed in the year that they've been posted on this board. I hope this does not reflect the attitude TL has toward their consumers. I'd hate for my favorite games to devolve into such a mess.