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12-06-14, 09:53 PM
Hello there! I downloaded the Fantasy Story game for my son; he's three and kept asking to download it until I finally gave in and did so. Of course, as one might easily imagine, he had no idea how to complete some of the objectives, so I took over "managing" (if you will) the game. Well...it didn't take long for me to fall in love with the game also. Since we've had the game, I've leveled up to almost 15 and I had several different creatures, all of which were level 9 and above; I had managed to get through three levels of the battlegrounds and had quite a few of the rare, limited, and gifted animals.

That is, until this morning. My son discovered the "sell" button and got rid of all but two of my animals (they were only saved because they were in the breeding garden). I am sorely tempted to just delete the whole game and try again, but then I think of all of the "hard work" and time spent on getting to where "we" we're in the game that it sort of breaks my heart to just delete all of it. I don't know how to get my ancient sloth or the second level of the battlegrounds creature back, save for buying them, but I don't have the extra money lying around in order to do that. So, my question is, what should I do? Is there any way to recover my animals or am I stuck with what I have and should just suck it up or start over?

Yes, I realize I am a grown adult (lol), all the same, no judgments please. Can anyone help?


12-07-14, 12:25 AM
If it's animlas won by battle ground
The only way to get them is to contact team lava by email
If animlas lost were animlas obtained by breeding
Then I think you need to breed it again

Best thing is to contact TL they are the one who can really help you

12-07-14, 12:37 AM
Also I'm not sure what you mean by "deleting all of it" or "starting over" but once you have the game on your device even if you delete it from your device and re download it. You will still have the same account.

12-07-14, 12:53 AM
Also I'm not sure what you mean by "deleting all of it" or "starting over" but once you have the game on your device even if you delete it from your device and re download it. You will still have the same account.

Only partly true.

The way this app works is that your data isnt stored on the device itself, so to start over the only thing to do would be delete the account. OR you can create an entirely seperate account, which you can switch over from/access on the same devices.

I would say, if your son wishes to play, let him have the account that he has already sold everything on. He's three and three year olds don't quite get the idea of what they should do and how to do it on games like this, and you'll likely end up with a similar situation but with even more valuable animals eventually. Make a seperate account for yourself and play for yourself on a new one. Especially since TL is unlikely to restore limited and gifted animals outside of the battlegrounds.

Just make sure that you switch the account back to his before letting him play on the device.

12-07-14, 07:41 AM
My advice would be 1) start your own account on a separate device and let your son play with the sold animal account, or if you don't have another device, 2) contact TL and ask them to delete your account and let you start a new one.

Based on my experiences with TL customer services, the chances of them giving you back any of the animals you lost, including the Sloth, are zero. They won't even give people back items that they've paid for and then lost due to a game glitch.

Starting over is what I would do. You're basically starting over anyway and your odds of breeding new and rare creatures actually decrease the longer you play, so starting fresh gives you the best chance to recollect the ones that you lost.

This goes without saying, but in the future, don't let your son have any control of the game on his own if you don't want things like this to become a regular occurrence. If you care about saving Gems to actually be able to use them on helpful things, I'd say he's quite likely to spend all those too. It's easy enough to accidentally spend them if you're being careful, let alone if you're three years old. ESPECIALLY if you're thinking of ever spending money for things in the game. Then it's not only your time he's wasting but actual cash.

I would share it with him, but YOU should be the only one in control of it. Also, a warning, the game slows down and gets more difficult the longer you play. If either you or he is going to have trouble with the future way longer fails and much reduced ability to breed new animals, I'm telling you, take this as a sign to quit now and get out before you are tempted to blow tons of money. The game is still quite nice to you at level 15, but that does change.

12-07-14, 08:10 AM
It seems that everyone before pretty much told you what you need to know.
The only thing I'll add is that we are all grown ups in here, some married, some single and some with kids and grandkids
So carry on :)